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“Im SO grateful for this site and everyone’s stories, all this reading had helped me more than i can explain”

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“I want to rule my body not my body rule me. I just want my life back and this website doesn’t make me feel as lonely as I am with it. So a big thank you!”

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“Hi, it is so good to find a website which recognises the fact that people with GS can in fact feel extremely unwell. I was diagnosed many years ago during a particularly long spell of GS. Neither of my parents was ever diagnosed or had any suspicions that they may have GS. Last year, after several weeks of feeling unwell, my son aged 15 was diagnosed as having it too. Our main problem seems to be knowing how best to handle it so that the symptoms reduce quicker – a lot of trial and error has gone on. As described by others on the website, doctors either don’t know much about it or dismiss it as not much of a problem. “

Every day new evidence and information comes out that can help us live a happier and healthier life. As a trained health and nutrition coach, and someone with chronic health problems, including Gilbert’s Syndrome, I can help others access the help they need.

I can guarantee you that the first time someone hears they have Gilbert’s Syndrome, they will be given very little help and support. Most of us are sent away with a diagnosis and no more. Some of the lucky patients are offered medication to help with some of the symptoms.

Without the lifestyle support, and an understanding of how Gilbert’s Syndrome works, people struggle with their symptoms.

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