Understanding Gilbert’s Syndrome. Living better with Gilbert’s Syndrome.

Hi there, I’m here to help you with Gilbert’s Syndrome. You can find out more about Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms and how to live better with Gilbert’s Syndrome from me.

If you, or someone you know, has been told they have Gilbert’s Syndrome, or you think you might have it – I’m here for you. I was diagnosed around 25 years ago and couldn’t find any useful information to help me deal with my symptoms. So, I did a lot of research and decided to share what I learnt, to help people who wanted to know more about Gilbert’s Syndrome. Over that time I have helped many thousands of people like you! I have now trained as a health and nutrition coach so that I can give better support and advice, building on the decades of scientific research I have read and shared.

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To give you better information about Gilbert’s Syndrome I read the medical research so that you don’t have to. You’ll find useful information on Gilbert’s Syndrome and alcohol, diet, itching, and so much more. Stories from people with Gilbert’s Syndrome help us all better understand Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms and how to manage those. You can add yours in page comments.

I’m NOT medically qualified, and you should always seek advice and diagnosis of symptoms from a medical Doctor.

One in 20 people may have Gilbert’s Syndrome (or possibly more), but only one in three of those will be aware of it, and less than one in three will have any symptoms at all. Most people who have it are men. Sometimes called Gilbert’s Disease, it is not in fact a disease.

Most Doctors use standard reference information that tells them to tell you that Gilbert’s Syndrome is harmless. However, information from scientific studies illustrates that you may experience a number of symptoms, including the most common one of jaundice, and that you need to be aware of certain chemicals, including prescription medication, that you are less able to cope with.

I hope it helps us all live better with Gilbert’s Syndrome.