Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms survey results

This survey of people with Gilbert’s Syndrome is the first to ask people with Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms what they are experiencing and what is important to them. Here’s your opportunity to join this survey and add to the growing body of evidence from people with Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms.

This survey is really important for the development of tailored information and support for people with Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms. Thank you for your help in joining the many people who have already taken part.

The top three concerns that people with Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms say they have:

  • 83% of respondents experience tiredness or exhaustion.
  • 69% have ‘brain fog’
  • 49% feel anxious

29% of people wanted help with nausea, 25% with the menopause, and 23% abdominal pain. Jaundice was a concern for just 11% of people.

Looking at the other responses, it’s clear that tiredness and inability to focus, plus mood swings, are part and parcel of the symptoms that are top priority for people with Gilbert’s Syndrome.

The top areas where people with Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms have asked for support are:

Food and drink/nutrition (49%); supplements(40%); exercise(40%).

Other issues include talking to health professionals and other medication / health conditions – at 11% each.

These results will directly impact the support this website can offer people who have Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms. Importantly by joining this survey everyone can help each other understand that they are not alone with their Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms. Thank you for taking part, and here’s that link again if you haven’t already!

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2 Replies to “Gilbert’s Syndrome symptoms survey results”

  1. I have Gilbert’s syndrome I’m also menopausal, which is hell l also have fibromyalgia. I take pain medication too. What supplements would you recommend taking to help my liver clear brain fog and fatigue?

    1. Hi Sandra, I am in a similar situation (menopausal, joint pain and with GS). I have found the following helpful, turmeric and ginger are great anti-inflammatories and help me with my pain levels. Some people say that CBD oil helps them, although it does nothing for me I am afraid. As a vegan I consume a lot of soya milk and soya products and no milk or dairy, which it appears leads to fewer menopausal symptoms according to population studies. Being plant based, reducing sugar and processed foods also reduces inflammation levels in the body and is good for pain levels as well as menopausal symptoms. For brain fog and fatigue, as well as general wellbeing and good sleep, anxiety etc I have found taking ashwagandha and rhodiola have helped me immensely. Some people find ginseng works for them, but it hasn’t helped me. Ghotu Khola can give a boost if you need it, but has less impact than caffeine which can have quite a strong effect. There are more details on things (including supplements) that may help on the resources page, but I hope some of those help for now. For in depth advice and support you might want to seek help from a health and nutrition coach who can help you work out a plan specific to you (I’m a health and nutrition coach, which is why I’m suggesting it as sometimes general advice can only take you so far). Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

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