itchy skin

Do you find a side of effect of your GS is itchy skin?  A lot of us experience it.  One suggestion why this might happen is that your skin, as the bodies 2nd largest detoxification organ after your liver, is trying to help your ailing liver in the detox process.  Here’s a couple of tips that might help – 1) Skin brushing before your morning shower or bath helps to stimulate circulation and encourage detoxification.  Brush towards your heart using firm strokes. 2) If you’ve over indulged and your liver is struggling, swapping your morning-after coffee with a cup of nettle or dandelion tea will replace lost minerals and support your liver’s detoxification process.

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  1. Garlic, turmeric, beetroot, are other great detoxifiers, there are many more out there but I try to find ones I can put in my diet so it does not feel like I am going out of my way. Grapefruit is often recommended, however if anyone is using grapefruit be careful with medication as grapefruit increases the absorption in your blood flow and could cause problems with medication and your reactions with them.

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