links and notes that might help people with Gilbert’s Syndrome

Find out more about how Milk Thistle works. The effective ingredient is sylmarin, and you need enough of a dose for it to have an impact. Read more here:

Diet plays a really important part in managing your health and wellbeing, and especially in helping your liver. However, there is an industry out there just waiting to push the latest ‘superfood’ your way. NHS ‘Choices’ gives the latest lowdown on the claims and offers the evidence to counter / support them here

Find ordinary household paints make you feel unwell? I’ve been using these for years and they are brilliant! Odourless, solvent free, totally non-toxic.

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  1. I have Gilbert’s and must be very careful what I eat and drink .If I eat or drink the wrong thing I get severe heartburn nausea and copious wind bloating and stomach pain alcohol is ok in very small amounts but to date my worst symptoms has been eating marmalade sweetened with sorbitol steer well clear of anything that has got sorbitol in it

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